We’re transporting a drunk asshole when he once again pipes up to verbally abuse his wife, who is sitting near the back doors. He also repeatedly threatens her with empty, non-specific, ghetto misogynistic male talk, things like, “I’ma slap you, bitch!”

“Hey! You are not to talk to her like this, especially in our ambulance! Keep your mouth shut.”

His wife mouths towards me, “Thank you.”

“What you saying to him, bitch?”

“None of your business. She’s talking to me. Now, be quiet if you have nothing nice to say.”

Of course he quickly stops, and starts back up several more times, the way drunks never remember anything, drawing more rounds of rebuke.

“Hey! I already told you – shut the fuck up!”

His wife, who has been nothing but exceedingly nice, turns to look out the back windows, but I can see her silently weeping.

2 thoughts on “Gentleman”

  1. Detestable jerk. Gahk, I hate that type of behavior and the wife-so flatly embarrassed on three many levels. Thanks for telling the true stories week after week.

  2. Just came across your blog today and know I’m leaving this comment a few months late but thank you! Thank you so much for standing up for that woman! What are the odds you could have “accidentally” missed several times while starting an IV? With the biggest needle you had in your possession?

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