Go ahead, put your head through the windshield

If you’re looking for evidence of how stupid we are as a group of creatures, look no further. According to the CDC, 26 years after the first state, New York, began by law to mandate seat belt use, only 85% of drivers report using seat belts all the time.

The excuses for not using seat belts are so dumb they do not bear repeating*. For instance, if only 85% of drivers remember to use their ignitions, do you know how much better traffic will be?

Here’s a map of US seat belt laws.

*OK, I lied. Incredibly dumb reasons like “Keep gubmint out my car!” and “I forgit how to click release when my car sinkin’!” and “This Amrrrrica and I got the right to be a ignant fool!”

8 thoughts on “Go ahead, put your head through the windshield”

    1. As far as cab drivers go, they could use the same divider between the front and back of the car as cops.

      Also a child seat is not required to be used in a cab.

      1. Just saw World’s Dumbest Drivers on Tru-TV & the cabbie company put in a dash-cam to film the drivers..one of them nodded off on the highway & struck the guardrail, woke up & over-corrected causing him to roll. Whole incident caught on tape: showed him, unrestrained, thrown to the front passenger side, the over the seat & slammed into the rear side. Miraculously he survived with only scratches…..& a pink slip.

        That was pretty creepy to watch…no seatbelt? You’re crazy.

  1. But but but but but….. my uncle’s mother’s brother’s cousin DIED because OMG she got trapped in her car by her seatbelt and they said if she hadn’t been wearing it she would have survived! That could happen to ME!!!!

  2. Just had a young man from my hometown that was killed after he was thrown from his motorcycle. He wasn’t wearing a helmet.

    How does this relate, you may wonder….he was protesting that helmets be optional & finds it unfair that people have to wear one. Well….no worries now I suppose.

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