You will have to wait

We are wheeling our way through a crowded hallway full of obviously bullshit patients. We have on the gurney a guy who’s been shocked out of VF 5 times already. He goes into VF again. F, my partner, charges the defibrillator and says nonchalantly, “Clear!”

All 4 of us let go of the gurney at the same time. The gurney keeps rolling slowly down this hallway, us walking with it, unguided. F lifts the defibrillator off the patient’s legs with one hand.

He defibrillates with the press of a button.

The VF converts. Again.

The gurney keeps rolling with its inertia. We put our hands back on it.

Looking at the idiots in the hallway beds watching this scene attentively, I barely manage to suppress the urge to ask them why the fuck they are at the hospital.

2 thoughts on “You will have to wait”

  1. Love this story-ERs are full of bullshit patients. Single Payer is the only answer I have been able to come up with to help solve this damn medical debacle we have in usa.

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