3 thoughts on “EMS truism #8”

  1. Word! I think there are two parts to the drunk problem. First is fear of liability to the cops if something happens to the person. We’ve probably perpetuated that by the well known stories about diabetics being arrested as drunks and drunks vomiting in their sleep and dying. Both of which are as valid as that guy who got the ET tube in his cranial vault because someone nasally intubated story. Only it was an NG tube and it happened once, but millions of EMTs and medics are afraid to use a nasal airway or tube.

    Also, somewhere along the line it became “alcohol poisoning”, not being shit faced.

    1. I should add, partially because the local PD really did drop a “drunk” off at home, and he really was a diabetic, and he really did die on his front porch fro hypoglycemia. No more rides home….

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