Hands-Only, no cooties

To simplify bystander CPR and encourage people to be less hesitant about performing CPR, the American Heart Association – the CPR and ACLS overlords – has adopted Hands-Only™ CPR.

They even have an app for most smartphones.

There are many different reasons why laypeople are gun-shy about performing CPR, but – I’m just speculating – the ick factor of mouth-to-mouth ventilation is probably one of the big reasons. To spread the word and get as many people to at least learn CPR, I’m introducing the slogan, “Hands-Only, no cooties.”

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates CAN be improved with more regular people willing and able to perform Hands-Only™ CPR. High school is a very logical place to start teaching people CPR. After that, things like the Fire Department CPR app – which notifies users where CPR is needed – would totally make sense.

Please spread the word.

One thought on “Hands-Only, no cooties”

  1. Ambulance Driver and I used Hands Only CPR during our save in New Jersey because we had no barrier device. I think it’s great way to get past the “icky factor” for both lay people and off duty professional rescuers. And don’t forget that cop that recently died from a virus he contracted doing mouth to mouth on an infant.

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