Somebody pays alright

Code 3 for the diabetic 12-year-old vomiting.

As I open the front door, fire is being yelled at. By the patient’s mother.

“I can call 911 all I want and you gonna take him to the hospital! And Medicaid will pay for everything! Where the captain at? I wanna file a complaint!”

I think before we got there fire was trying to say that she can take him to the hospital herself. I don’t even bother usually.

I am not against supporting the poor and the unfortunate. But I do wish folks like her were a tad more grateful and a lot less demanding.

6 thoughts on “Somebody pays alright”

  1. Sad really. To see the healthcare-system being forced to pay all kinds of unnecessary costs by people who’re convinced they have the right to do so. Try solving that with new rules and regulations.

  2. Dang, that’s an attitude she could put away for life and get a lot more out of the remainder of her time here on our happy planet. Wow, you hear it all I guess, don’t you? Appreciation therapy – hmmmm…..

  3. I figured that fire responded in some type of engine that doesn’t make for the best patient transport vehicle, and was probably trying to explain this to the patient’s mother….

  4. I sometimes offer the option that they can transport in their own vehicle if I think they don’t need to go to the ED but I would rather take them in the ambulance than sign them off and find out later they had a true emergency that I was missing. I don’t have all the diagnostic tests, after all. But yes, a little appreciation would go a long way!

  5. That’s why they are called “entitlements”. The people who receive the benefit of our hard work are “entitled” to get free everything because they won’t work. They’ve been told all their lives that society owes them everything and they don’t have to pay for anything.

    Want to fix the budget crisis? Before stripping public employees of their pay, benefits, and pensions, start to dismantle the almost 50 year old welfare state we’ve created. You’ll find we have lot of money for all sorts of things.

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