Cranberry juice

After years of reading fire worksheets (field notes on patients the first-in fire crews give the ambulance crews) that contain nothing more than patients’ names, that is, if they’re not completely blank, imagine the amusement I derived from one such worksheet that contained a full list of 15 medications PLUS “cranberry juice” listed among them.

One could nitpick and point out that cranberry juice, while good for everyone, isn’t exactly a medication, but why discourage this type of diligence?

Good help is hard to find.

3 thoughts on “Cranberry juice”

    1. Agreed. Wholly. And on the off chance a person finds his/herself in the grips of a UTI, cranberry juice goes from “medication” to “nectar of the gods.” But…there’s probably not a place on the form for that distinction lulz.

  1. There’s something in cranberry juice which partly prevents bacteria sticking to biological surfaces. In environments like the urinary system, this makes it a lot harder for an infection to get going, and best of all the bacteria don’t seem to evolve out of the control.

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