Next stop: Adulthood

Dear college students,

I know you’re sitting for an exam, and your future may (most likely not) depend on the exam, but when your professor falls down and cracks his head open at the front of the classroom, it really shows your (lack of) class and understanding when more than a few of you feel it necessary to tell the TA to ask us “how much longer” we’re going to be because we’re being too loud and distracting wrapping up your professor’s head and explaining why he should go to the hospital.

If I can intubate someone in the middle of a crowded restaurant on a Saturday night, trust me, you can take an exam while I bandage someone’s head.

By the way, your professor doesn’t want to go the hospital right now because he feels obligated to stay until the end of your exam to be available to you to answer questions you may have regarding your exam. I’m also quite sure that if you simply asked, he would give you more time because of the unforeseen incident.

Welcome to the real world. Now grow the fuck up.



P. S. Maybe you should offer to take him to the hospital after the exam if you need extra credit.

3 thoughts on “Next stop: Adulthood”

  1. I once had a priest “Shush” me because the noise we were making trying to resuscitate one of his parishioners was distracting people from his sermon. You’d think he’d be over with us giving last rites or something, but no, he was more interested in giving his sermon.

    Some people need to be hit over the head with a clue bat.

  2. It could be worse. Imagine if it was a pre-med class like O-Chem. You’d have 50 different students who are expert physicians (like most pre-meds) trying to “help” out, and snag a letter of rec from the professor about how caring they are to interrupt their exam and come to the aid of the professor.

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