You’re not the public

Dear fellow EMS people (especially a few unnamed basic EMTs),

When you call 911 on behalf of your child or your family member or whoever the hell it is for some bullshit, we medics expect you to actually have thought long and hard about why you felt it necessary to bother us.

We take care of our own, including you, but that being said, we expect you to use your heads. After all, you’re expected to be a little choosier than the general public, who aren’t necessary familiar with medical stuff, about when to call 911. Don’t be offended when we’re not even trying to hide the fact that we’re not thrilled to be here because your child was “acting up” or because someone has a headache.

If you can’t take care of your own family, don’t expect anyone to trust you with somebody else’s family, and don’t expect me to be first in line wanting to work with you.



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