On response times

We may not go to legitimate calls all the time, but response times are nonetheless important to us, even if the politicians don’t care much about it. Usually, when people call, in their minds, they have an emergency, and they want us there NOW.

It’s well established that a patient who is in ventricular fibrillation has only a few minutes before the clock runs out on any chance of a meaningful recovery.

It’s simple logic that cops stop bad guys more effectively more often if their response times are better.

And here’s a video of what a fire can do in a mere few minutes:

2 thoughts on “On response times”

  1. Response times are one of the few things that politicians care about when it comes to EMS. Very few of them understand ALS only versus tiered response, versus fire first responders, or anything else that’s technical about EMS.

    They care about response times because voters care about response times. Ironically, the people that care about response times the most are the people who need EMS least.

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