Expert opinion

“Sir, you look terrible. You should come with us.”

“No, it’s OK. I’ll stay here.”

“Umm… as a professional, I’m telling you that you look terrible, as in, you-could-drop-dead terrible. Why don’t you want to go to the hospital with us?”

“I’m always at the hospital. When my son comes, if he thinks I should go, then I’ll go.”

“Oh, so you’ll listen to him, but you won’t listen to me? Is he a medic?”






“Then why would you listen to him but not me?”

“I’ll be fine.”

2 thoughts on “Expert opinion”

  1. My mother is just the opposite. One morning she had a massive GI bleed. I was not home, but she called me to tell me not to go to the store as planned on my way home. When I did get home I had a message on the machine that she was in the hospital. She hadn’t told me what was going on that morning because she wanted to call her doc first. Knowing that this was the one day of the week he was out of the office. His office staff was there though. Not one of them being a nurse however. *SMH*

  2. I guess you could pick it apart if you wanted to, say the s-t is a little drawn out or a little high, but… i dont see where this strip would be anything other than NSR. and who knows, it just might be “normal” for this pt. just sayin.

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