Just as I wonder when I’ll lose my mind on a call, tipped over the edge by some unforeseen detail, I wonder when the distractions surrounding our work will finally overshadow the actual work itself and lead me to leave this all behind.

In this political climate, many issues are coming up all at once. Some are directly related to patient care; many others are not. I do this work because I believe in the purpose. I do this work because, no matter how stupid the call is, despite what you may read here at this site, I truly enjoy being at people’s homes or in the middle of the interstates in the pouring rain, sorting out other people’s issues.

These distractions annoy me especially when they affect patient care and how I deliver it. For instance, if it takes me 20 minutes to arrive because no one did anything about staffing on a Saturday night, that annoys me because my ability to do my work is affected. I may have a lot of fun at work, but I take work seriously. This is a subtle distinction many providers fail to appreciate.

Management types who didn’t ever do street-level work or forgot how to do street-level work need to stop trying to tinker with our systems based on what they know or what they think they know. Ask the people who know – us.

And leave us alone and let us do our work.

2 thoughts on “When”

  1. I’ve only been in this business nine years in November. I am beginning to wonder the same things myself. What looks good on paper doesn’t always transfer to what’s best for the floor.

  2. Unfortunately, this problem seems worldwide. I’m severely suffering from this as well (I’m an ICT-worker in The Netherlands).

    If anyone knows how to either stop this or learn to cope with this, I’m interrested!

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