You might as well

I’m sitting next to an overweight man on an aircraft. He scarfs down a giant, greasy slice of pizza. I think nothing of it – just another staple of the typical American diet.

A half hour into the flight, he gets the attention of a flight attendant.

“My TV has no sound.”

“I’m sorry, sir, we don’t have any way of fixing it now. Can I bring you a free drink or something?”

“No, I’m on dialysis. I can’t drink.”

I look his giant, empty pizza box and go back to my book.

3 thoughts on “You might as well”

  1. Unbelievable isn’t it ?~! I am floored at some of what I see that passes for self-care. Thanks for writing.

  2. Ugh. I hate when people fit that stereotype. It only serves to promote the negativity already surrounding being overweight/obese. Ironic that he was sitting next to a medic should he go into defib. I may be overweight, but at least I try to take care of my body. Do I enjoy pizza? Of course, but only once in a while. Same with cookies, icecream, and other types of sweets. They’re all good in moderation.

  3. I have lost track of the number of diabetic I WORK WITH that will have two desserts and then state “I’ll just take a couple extra units of insulin to cover it.” SMH…

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