Cell phone warriors: Are you really that stupid?

Code 3 for “man down in a car.” It’s 3am.

Mobile computer updates:

“RP (reporting party) states male passed out in black Lexus with a child inside.”

“RP states now he’s not sure. May be just a car seat.”

“RP states he’s not in the area anymore.”

A couple of minutes later:

“M12, PD’s on scene and they’re canceling you.”

4 thoughts on “Cell phone warriors: Are you really that stupid?”

  1. I know I’ve mentioned my idea of a $100.00 surcharge on cell phone bills for 9-1-1 calls. If the call is valid, the charge is credited back, if not, the fool learns not to call 9-1-1 unless it’s really an emergency.

    Seems like a better idea every day, doesn’t it?

  2. @TOTW: Bad idea… This discourages *any* calls from cell-phone warriors.
    (Let’s call it “practising defensive medicine calling” 😉
    Why not make it illegal to leave the scene of the *possible* emergency?
    We could keep the $100 fine if you like.

    This should “force” the cell-phone warriors to stay and investigate to determine if it’s a genuine emergency. It could lower the number of false calls.

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