Cell phone warriors: How do you ever get to your destinations?

Code 3 for the traffic accident. Northbound Highway 123 and Exit 1A/First Street.

On a typical highway response, the batting average for cell phone warriors as far as the correct location is concerned is about 1-for-20.



“We’re getting another caller putting this Northbound at Exit 2B.”


“Now we’re getting another one Northbound at Exit 4A. We’re going to start M7.”


“M15, we’re Northbound passing Exit 1A. Unable to locate.”

“M15, another caller is now reporting this as Southbound at Exit 3. Are you in position or do you want us to start M24?”

“We got it. We can handle.”

“M15, we’re Northbound with nothing showing at Exit 2B or Exit 3 in either direction.”

“Copy. Fire is unable to locate either.”

“M7, unable to locate at Exit 4A.”


“M15 and M7, officers are on scene at Highway 987, not 123, at Exit 1A/First Street. We’re canceling all units on Highway 123.”

One thought on “Cell phone warriors: How do you ever get to your destinations?”

  1. Hence my $100.00 surcharge for 9-1-1 calls from cell phones. You’d be surprised (well I guess you wouldn’t) how many people have no freaking idea where they are when they are driving around.

    We’ve had people call when there was already a crew on scene and give a different location. Which of course results in another response.


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