Do you feel the same way?

Normally, it’s healthy to keep work and home lives separate, but this isn’t what I’d consider normal work. Yes, when I go home after work, I don’t have to bring with me such tangible work as projects and presentations, but in other ways, big and small, there are the intangible, non-material items that follow me home like odors clinging to my clothes.

Because of this line of work:

  • I absolutely hate driving.
  • I am barely able to keep it together on the road as every other driver is driving dangerously, speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, talking on the phone, sending text messages, drunk or just generally being an asshole.
  • I almost never even turn my head to look at wrecks on the side of the road. If I do, it’s so I can scoff out loud at how stupid the wreck looks, and how long I had to sit in traffic because of it and the rubberneckers it attracted.
  • I am unimpressed by a lot of things that impress other people.
  • I don’t like reading or watching TV shows or movies about alcoholics and drug addicts, current or recovering.
  • When the phone rings, it makes me stop.
  • When I hear tones on TV, it makes me jump.
  • When I’m on a plane and they ask for medical professionals, I groan and pray that someone else is going to volunteer for what is invariably a bullshit medical problem.
  • I try to avoid places where there are a lot of people and cars, such as grocery stores at 5pm and shopping areas on weekends.
  • I am more aware of my surroundings than I’d like to be.
  • I hate being interrupted while doing anything when I’m not at work, especially sleeping.
  • I am used to being hungry.

3 thoughts on “Do you feel the same way?”

  1. Well said; although I do enjoy driving…which never goes without me bitching and throwing my arms up at people for being an asshole on the road. Just the other day I had an RV (yes, a huge RV) cut me off while driving lights to the hospital w/ a carbon monoxide poisoned pt. Mind you, BOTH windows were down on his monstrous vehicle and this special little truck of mine has the Federal Q siren blaring AND traditional yelp going too. I go slow past him as I ride the shoulder and throw my hands up (and stomp on the air horn) and he looks at me (with one arm hanging out of the window) and shrugs his shoulders.


  2. I am more aware of my surroundings than I’d like to be.

    I drive down the street and laugh at something I see and my wife asks what I’m laughing at. I say something like, “That hooker and her ‘date’ going down that alley.”

    She says, “What are you talking about?”

    Or I see a drug deal, or a guy stumbling down the street, or whatever that “normal” people never even think of.

    The other thing is that my eyes are never still. When I’m talking to someone my eyes are darting all around looking for, well I don’t know what. Threats I guess. Someone called them “cops eyes” one time, but I notice that a lot of cops don’t even do that these days.

    Oh, this job is also why I’m paranoid and carry a firearm whenever I’m able to. I know how fast shit can get sideways.

    What amazes me is how many people in this business, especially new ones, walk around on the job with their heads firmly up their asses. And then they tell me I’m nuts when I point out the 50 things they missed on a call.

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