EMS cliche #5

“Always bring the gurney to the patient.”

Fuck off! Have you met any of our patients?

5 thoughts on “EMS cliche #5”

  1. EMS cliche #5.1

    Stryker Power Pro cots will help getting patient from an upstairs bedroom, down the stairs, then down the gigantic hill of a driveway and into the back of the ambulance…

    I think not.

      1. I was told closer to 70lbs heavier. Apparently Stryker thought all of our patients weight around 150 pounds…

        1. When your partner weighs 100 pounds, and your patient 300, you’ll wish you had it. Trust me. Especially in areas where lifting help may not be an option for every call.

  2. Have a very senior paramedic here, been in the game for 30 years, who still believes that if they’re sick enough to ring for an ambulance, they’re sick enough for a gurney. Every patient gets one, no matter how menial the complaint. I hate crewing with him, I want to punch him often.

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