The most disgusting thing ever

Code 3 for a male subject bleeding.

Several young men and women in their 20s, à la Friends, are outside a small apartment building.

“The police officers are upstairs.”

Two officers are with a subject, also fairly young-looking, prone in the bed.

“Hey guys, this guy is wasted, somehow got into this girl’s apartment, and puked and pissed all over her bed.”

“Does she want us to burn her bed for her?”

2 thoughts on “The most disgusting thing ever”

  1. I had the exact same call a couple of years ago. Only our dispatch code was “Unconscious”.

    The girl who lived in the apartment claimed that one of her room mates must have let him in, because she didn’t know him. Or that was her story anyway. She wanted the cops to arrest him for breaking in, although there was no evidence that he wasn’t let in.

    And yes, I’m pretty sure that she had to get rid of the mattress. What a mess.

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