I don’t work for management

Funny little nuance about emergency services – we don’t literally work directly for the people who are nominally our employers, whether it’s a city/county/state government department/agency or a private company or whatever. Instead, we work for the people who call us.

At least, that’s how I see it.

Yes, I know who signs my paycheck, and I know whose policies and procedures I work under, but I don’t really work for them in the same way a subordinate works for a supervisor in a typical setting. So as far as our employers, especially chief- and upper management-types, are concerned, I must say that I feel no extraordinary loyalty to them, because the only people who really do matter are the people who call us, no matter how stupid they sometimes can be, and that’s where my loyalty lies.

As a matter of fact, whenever our bosses make poor decisions that affect service delivery – and they make many – guess whose side I’m on. And I enjoy having that recourse. We work for the people who call us.

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