Maybe there are stupid questions after all*

Code 3 for the fall.

PD meets us and says there was a fall. They lead us to an open area inside a building, where another officer is manually immobilizing the patient’s head.

Now, as a clueless EMS provider who has been an unreliable moron for more than a couple of years despite all kinds of attempts by others to help you improve your performance, if you see this guy with his head cracked open, blood everywhere, next to a scaffold that is 10 feet high, and you actually open your mouth to ask, in earnest, if we should be providing spinal immobilization, I think it’s probably safe to say that it really is time for you to go since you’re clearly not in the right line of work because a small bit of thinking is a requirement around here.

I mean, are you paying any attention at all? Are we on the same call? If you don’t get it at this call, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get it.

Go flip burgers. Wherever it is, just don’t work anywhere near me.

*Just kidding. I think.

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