Think before you speak

A friend is telling me this story about how an engine company responds alone to a burning odor at a residence. It turns out to be a small electrical fire in behind an outlet. They cut the power and make sure there is no more active fire.

A neighbor, clearly trying to stir some shit up but not too bright a bulb, walks over.

“So, how many firemen does it take to put out a tiny fire?”

“Well, if it was your house and you’re worried about it burning down, how many firemen do you want showing up?”



“Maybe 8 or 9…”

“Thought so.”

2 thoughts on “Think before you speak”

  1. One thing that continues to amaze me is how people who know noting about police, fire, or EMS feel free to tell us how to do our jobs.

    I once asked a nosey bystander, I mean concerned bystander, if it would be OK if I came to his place of work, watched him, and then told him how to do his job. He looked at me and said that his job was difficult and that people who didn’t know how to do it had no job telling him what to do. The irony escaped him.

  2. took in a fire with my little brother (were both fire fans in Chicago) in an affluent white neighborhood. A lady on her bike asked as we were walking away “don’t ya think thats a lot of trucks for just one house” keep in mind me and my brother were in CFD shirts and I had just fished talking to the EMS Field Chief and his son that I know from the privates. So I said “Yes Yes it is but considering that there are three houses on fire and 2 firefighters injured i would say there are not enough”

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