This tree (and the moments of kindness) fell and we all heard it

Here is a moving side story about slain San Diego police officer Jeremy Henwood, who was killed without provocation while on duty recently. It made my heart fall through my body to the floor.

Because Officer Henwood fell, everybody is finding out about this little episode. Had he not been killed, this would have remained between him and the boy, and perhaps the cashier. And I suspect he wouldn’t have minded anyway.

After he was shot, a woman transmitted the emergency over his radio while her husband provided first aid.

In this complicated, imperfect world, a world that is sometimes tainted by such emotional issues as police brutality and racism and, more often than that, merely the slightest perceptions of such, may this be a reminder to all of us that, rather than constantly thinking in terms of black people and white people and whatever other colors there are, this world is ultimately about good people and bad people, and not much more.

I cannot get over the whiteness of the boy’s grins that he flashed so many times during his encounter with Officer Henwood.

One thought on “This tree (and the moments of kindness) fell and we all heard it”

  1. Saw that on TV and it was read to us in briefing. Very sad. His memory will always be that of a hero and with kindness toward this boy. The interviews with the boy were touching as well.

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