Babies don’t fly

Please don’t put cribs next to windows, especially second-story windows.

I did not appreciate wiping brain goop off the kid’s ear.

6 thoughts on “Babies don’t fly”

  1. Pretty sure the family doesn’t appreciate the “inconvenience” either. I normally don’t mind your posts and agree with much of them. When my son was a baby, he had a very small room…not much bigger than a large walk-in closet. It’s all we could afford so whatever. Anyway, he was strong as shit and determined as all hell. His crib was also a cradle…not that we used a cradle for a crib. His crib was a normal sized crib with rockers instead of legs. I thought the damn thing was cool until….I had him down for a nap and I heard some grunts coming from his room. My first thought was “let him be. If I give him attention, he won’t go back to sleep.” Then something in me said, “go fucking check on him NOW.” He had rocked his crib all the way over to the window (which wasn’t far) and was WEDGED between the screen and the crib. The fucking screen was making sounds like it was going to break at any minute. On the second floor. Over a fucking patio. I can’t tell you how incredibly upset I was at what COULD have happened. I am an EMT myself and I WON’T allow myself to imagine his body on the ground below had I not gotten there on time. And I can’t even imagine what the parents feel of the kid that fell out of a window. I know it is your style of writing but Jesus Christ, this time, it isn’t about you.

  2. Okay, now I feel bad and have to apologize because I am a Mental Health Counseling student and I have served on the Critical Incident Stress Debriefing team for emergency responders. I am now considering the amount of trauma this placed on you. I am so sorry you had to respond to such a call. I can only guess that if you are in EMS, you do it partly because you like the excitement of it, partly because you are proud that you can bring some sense of order to the chaos in people’s lives, and partly (if not more than that) that you really do care. Take good care of yourself and look for signs in yourself if you are struggling with this call. You just may want to consider how you utilize your blog. Take care!

  3. don’t feel bad. when i type 2 sentences for a post, it’s not going to convey everything i’m thinking.

    it’s not about me. if i have to go to a call like this, so be it. this is the work i do and take pride in doing (hopefully) properly and responsibly.

    rather, it’s about kids keeping all of their brain matter inside their intact skulls, it’s about parents not balling their eyes out holding their limp child in their arms waiting for what must have felt like hours for us to arrive, and it’s about unnecessary pain and suffering that was foreseeable, and therefore, preventable.

    don’t tell people i care.

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