Dear new people/probies

Perhaps it’s a generational thing, and maybe it’s not, but folks new to this line of work who actually know their places are quickly becoming extinct. These days, new people’s sense of entitlement is mind-boggling.

So, for the new person or probationary employee or “probie,” here’s a simple refresher:

  • Eyes and ears wide open
  • Mouth shut
  • Less talking and more doing
  • Earn your place
  • Build your reputation
  • Reinforce people’s faith in you


  • You either want to do your work properly or you don’t. If you need to be talked to, then that means you don’t want to do it properly.
  • Bad reputations are not erased overnight. We won’t buy your I’m-a-changed-person act unless it lasts longer than what got you the bad reputation in the first place.

Come to think of it, this pretty much applies to any workplace and life in general.

2 thoughts on “Dear new people/probies”

  1. I love the 6-months-in, 22-years-on mentality. I want to grab some of our people, shake them, and tell them that A.) they work in Podunk, B.) their paid-on-call years of experience and rank DOES NOT EQUAL the years of experience and rank of a full-time metropolitan full-timer, and C.) no one is too good to do the dirtiest part of the job.

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