Finest and bravest

I thought it fitting that this happened a few days before the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

A cop has just manually subdued some dipshit drunk slob. I look at her, and I look at her hands. I look at the sergeant.

“Jesus. He is disgusting.”

I have always noticed this but I never really thought too much about it. Everywhere I work, cops put their bare hands on and wrestle with bad people who are almost always dirty and nasty, smeared with saliva, puke, pee, poo, blood, and who knows what else. (And those are just the ones without weapons.) They almost never put gloves on, usually because they don’t have any, and more often than that because they don’t have time. They show up, some menace needs manhandling, and they just take care of it.

Now, THAT, is brave.

The cops have always been a big target in every sense of the word for everyone – criminals or not. They are criticized for doing their jobs. They are criticized when people – very often simply ignorant but ALWAYS quick to open their mouths – think they aren’t doing their jobs.

And in the last couple of years, the criticism has branched out and it’s become a sport to pile it on the firefighters and EMS personnel as well, along with teachers and just about any public employee out there doing unglamorous work that someone has to do no matter what, as they have borne the blame for raping taxpayers and pillaging government budgets, things that are most likely more appropriately attributed to politicians and their cronies.

So anyway, on this day, once again, to all you people who are so quick to criticize public safety personnel, especially law enforcement officers, I offer you the same unsolicited advice as always: Since you seem to think you can do their thankless jobs better than they do, day in and day out, STEP UP.

Talk is cheap. I am so sick of people who talk but don’t do.

2 thoughts on “Finest and bravest”

  1. i think that we get a raw deal in every country. At the end of the day, the general public can criticise the emergency services all they want, but at the first sign of a bumped toe, noise at night or fire larger than a matchhead who do they call..?

  2. You can’t just say, “You think you can do this job better, then why don’t you do it?”

    That’s missing the point. They want YOU to do it better, for zero pay, with no special thanks, no budget for the necessary equipment, staff or training, and yet with perfect and indisputable precision and accuracy so they don’t have to pay municipal lawyers to defend your imperfect decisions. Simple. Is there a problem?

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