Take care of the elders

Code 3 for the unknown.

A 96-year-old female hobbles down the steps of her mobile home. Despite her complaint, she insists on hobbling.

“Are you guys mad at me for calling?”

“Us? Of course not. You can call us whenever you need us.”

3 thoughts on “Take care of the elders”

  1. My favorite:

    Class 2: Injured person from a fall, possible broken hip.

    102 year old male answers the door using his walker.
    Chief Complaint: “I’m mad”
    “Mad about what?”
    “That I didn’t watch where I was going and tripped”

    In the back of the rig:
    “So what’s Your secret ?”
    “I eat what I always ate, drink what I always drank. I don’t pay no mind to what people say is good for you, Your body will tell you.”
    “Family doctor?”
    ” No after I outlived the third one I figured I knew better then they did.”

  2. One of your best posts yet!!! I can’t tell you how much the elderly mean to me! Sometimes, I hope they pick the further of the hospitals we transport to so I have time to talk with them on the way.

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