They all look the same

Yet another homeless drunk. He has rashy-looking arms.

“Is that scabies?”

“I don’t know. All these skin conditions look the same to me.”

I know this because I have Googled a lot of these. For instance, eczema alone seems like it has a hundred different appearances. The same condition looks different on different patients, and all of the variations and the different stages of manifestation appear to look similar to other variations and the different stages of manifestation of entirely different skin conditions. They really do all look similar to the untrained eye, and my eyes are most certainly untrained.

Here are some photos of a few skin conditions:

Atopic eczema



Flea bites



(Photo credits: Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, University of Iowa)

Looking for these photos really made me itch. You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “They all look the same”

  1. I always tell my patients “what ever you have, I don’t want…so let’s keep it covered and show the doc when we get there, eh?” Usually always works. I, like you, also have untrained eyes. The one I seem to know (oddly) is “pred skin” (from long term prednisone use). Go figure.

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