That was not the correct response

Dear employees,

If you are already a well-known dipshit, and you have genuine work-related performance deficiencies that have been observed by different objective parties, especially in a profession that actually has a thing or two to do with life and death, and these problems are pointed out in detail to you in a mature, professional but honest manner in the hopes of eliciting improvement, it is very unwise to respond by saying, “You need to back up off my shit.”

As a rational being, this tells me the following:

  • You are a stupid fuck
  • You have no real intention of correcting your deficiencies no matter what you say or claim
  • You will get no help from me or anyone else as a direct result of that response even if you ask nicely
  • You are not salvageable
  • You are therefore a confirmed worthless employee if that wasn’t already obvious to people

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “That was not the correct response”

  1. Wow, that’s a nasty thing to say to anyone, ever, and in a work situation where one’s job depends on getting into a teamwork frame of mind… Ouch. I hope his/her time is short and not on your rig.

  2. Wow. That’s a safety hazard, not to mention, down right scary. That employee needs a serious wake up call and/or removing employee status ASAP.

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