Good idea

It’s dinner time. We’re at an Asian restaurant, your typical ethnic neighborhood Asian restaurant.

“How many?”

“Actually, can we just get something to go, please?”

“Sure. But you want to eat here? More comfortable?”

“Well, we may have to go on calls.”

“I wrap it up for you if you go, OK? You sit down. More comfortable that way.”

“Um… OK, thanks.”

What a great idea. An uninterrupted dinner. It was comfortable indeed. Much more comfortable than eating in the rig.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Good idea”

  1. I’m glad to see it went well… I have terrible luck with these things, they are usually an invitation to the EMS gods to be called and the wrapping process take too long…

  2. Glad you got to relax. The last time I had lunch with my partner, I asked for a “to-go” box just in case. My partner said, “I am not getting a to-go box. I am eating this here. I don’t care if we get a cardiac arrest call! Sure enough, 5 minutes later, we were dispatched to the cardiac arrest!

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