I just want a cup of coffee

Some asshole bureaucrat complained to our bosses at our agency that we sat down for a cup of coffee while on duty* in our response district, and the coffee shop – already not a fan of politicians, bureaucrats and small business-related red tape – found out.

So, the next time the same asshole bureaucrat showed up for coffee, the coffee shop told him he was not welcome because he was not supportive of us. I’d like to thank this coffee shop.

*No calls were missed during the consumption of said coffee, and everyone who did not need an ambulance ride for some silly non-emergency that day got one anyway.

2 thoughts on “I just want a cup of coffee”

  1. If you want to thank them, start tipping VERY generously. They tend to remember you. (At least my bartender does, and I’ve only been there twice in the past month!)

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