Joe Paterno

I’m trying not to pass judgment, but for some perspective, if you and I so much as smelled a dick* near a kid while working and didn’t say anything, we’d be in so much fucking trouble it would actually make crashing a rig – and the subsequent paperwork – downright pleasant.

*I don’t really know what a dick smells like. If you do, please don’t tell me.

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  1. I actually saw someone try to argue that Penn State’s policies probably dictated that one go to the administration instead of the police, and therefore Paterno was in the right for following policy, because otherwise he could’ve gotten fired.

    Look, buddy, he’s Joe Fucking Paterno. Not only is there no way in hell he gets fired for anything short of, well, this, but if he somehow did, there would be a dozen ADs lined up at his door the next morning to hire him even at this age. And he’s rich as Croesus. And he’d be a hero. In fact, getting fired for calling the cops on a child molester would actually be a really awesome outcome for him — way better than this, surely.

    I’m surprised McQueary still has his job. After all, not only did he fail to call the cops, he failed to stop a child rape in progress. Sure, with him you can actually make the job-security argument, and it’s always a mistake to make claims about what you would have done, but… it still looks pretty fucking bad.

  2. Jobs come and jobs go but the chance to make a difference is rare. No matter whether anyone would have been fired or not it was wrong for no one to speak up and protect the child. I’m sure if it had been one of their kids they’d be outraged if people knew they were being hurt but decided to cover it up. In my oppinion he’s no better than the molester

  3. It’s important to remember that we are mandated reporters, but most people aren’t. Those that aren’t mandated reporters mostly have no idea about what to do in this kind of situation.

    Think about that. If you and I hadn’t had child abuse training drilled into us for the past umpteen years, would we really know what to do about it?

    Please don’t give me the “Common Sense” line, because common sense isn’t. If it were, then common sense would dictate that the rapist be taken out and shot. Or hung from a tree.

    1. i don’t know… people call the cops every minute of the day because a homeless guy is sleeping on the sidewalk or “my neighbor’s cat is in my yard”…

      anyway, the two guys charged were mandatory reporters too.

  4. Maybe I’m just naive, but my take on what to do if you catch someone raping a kid is:
    1) Beat the fuck out of the rapist so he’ll be immobilized until the cops show up; and
    2) Call the cops.
    No hesitation, no counseling the rapist, no worrying more about the guy’s employer than the victim.

  5. As a mandatory reporter I fully agree. It is unconscionable that individuals knew what was going on and continued to let it happen.

    Additionally, the subject of dick smelling made me think of this old, atrocious song/video: and I just had to share. You’re welcome.

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