Management 101

There are all sorts of training materials devoted to the secrets behind being a successful supervisor. Is it integrity? Is it competence? Is it fairness? Is it trustworthiness? Or is it understanding?

I think that this is all a little too specific. In fact, so specific that whenever this topic is addressed in some classroom setting, the instructors inevitably provide in one way or another a huge list of 50 or 100 adjectives that describe different desirable attributes that people may want in a supervisor. Many of these words have similar and overlapping meanings as other words. Worse, students are then asked to choose several as a demonstration that different employees prefer different types of supervisors.

I submit to you that instead of thinking of specific attributes, we should be thinking of general attributes that make someone a good supervisor. I have only 2 general attributes, and in them you can see many, many of the aforementioned specific attributes:

  • Help employees by making it easier do their work properly. (Loose translation: Cut the bullshit.)
  • Protect good employees from bad employees. (Loose translation: It drives people nuts if you don’t give those bad employees the heaping amounts of shit they deserve.)

That’s all I ask.

If we look at it this way, it’s apparent that what people want in supervisors is not that varied after all.

2 thoughts on “Management 101”

  1. In my current department, there’s an employee that some of us absolutely dread working with. I could take all my evidence of his slacking to the manager, but circumstances will most likely forbade management from punishing him or getting rid of him, which irritates me to no end.

    One of my coworkers (who also happens to be a good friend now) said that the management sucks because of this. I’m thinking she has a point now…

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