9 thoughts on “Empathize this”

  1. Anxiety disorders are psycological conditons, andarent voluntary. Your naievete shows your inability to truly care for your patients.

    1. And your sensitivity and reflex hostility shows your own psychological disorder.

      Or maybe you just like to make snap judgements about paramedics competency based on 30-word blog posts.

  2. Any idea what was driving the young lad’s anxiety ?~! As a sufferer of lots of childhood traumas, there are times when I am incapable of verbalizing what’s wrong and thereby alienate the very people who are trying to help me. Maybe he was there, in that awful space too; my heart goes out to the little guy.

    1. actually, it seemed like one of the warmest, most caring households i have ever seen for a child. i have no idea what it really was, but it appeared to have something to do with a very grossly exaggerated fear of getting sick and dying young. too much tv perhaps?

  3. emt.dan: do you actually know Burnt-Out Medic as a person or just as a blog ?~? I am surprised at your entirely negative comment; is that your regular style ?

  4. I know what anxiety/panic attacks feel like; I’ve got a deployed husband in Afghanistan. Mine have escalated to the point of chest pain, but I never considered EMS or medical intervention. (Usually I live with the feeling of my lungs holding something back when I yawn, but that goes away when I’m placed in a situation where I can completely relax.) I also struggle with irrational fears of being robbed at night while I’m sleeping alone in my bed, even though living on a military base is far safer than our former residence.

    With this said, even I would wonder why this child was having an anxiety attack…

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