I told you so

I think it’s interesting that some hospitals have such restrictive policies regarding the use of restraints. It’s also interesting that some ED staff members adopt such a naive and coddling approach toward people who should be in restraints. Even more interesting is their attitude toward us when we show up with someone in restraints, as if we just came from some bondage party.

“Well, he’s not on a psych hold.”

“Why is he in restraints?”

“Well, that’s inappropriate.”

“Combativeness is just a sign of a head injury. ”

“I know he’s cracked out of his mind, but you still can’t restrain him.”


Sorry, my security staff called in sick. The ten other people who usually work with me in the back of the ambulance are all on break. The cops left to go to different calls. Pardon me if I can’t subdue this 250-pound asshole felon on my own.

“Sir, are you going to cooperative with us?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“You guys can let him out of those restraints.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, we’re sure.”

And then, of course, it always ends with, “SECURITY!” Followed by, “WE NEED ATIVAN STAT!”

“Oh, what’s that? You say something? You talking to us? Oh, you want us to help you restrain this guy now? Well, we already transferred care to you, and that just wouldn’t seem appropriate…”

3 thoughts on “I told you so”

  1. That’s been going on for years and years. I suppose I’d bore you with the story of the psychiatrist who called us barbarians and insisted we let the patient out of restraints. We moved him over to their bed, took off the cuffs, and left the room. 10 seconds later the psychiatrist was screaming for security and begging us to come back and help restrain the patient.

    We just laughed and wished her good luck. We told her he was violent and had to be restrained. We told her that it took us and two cops to do it. We told her that my partner was a martial arts expert and the patient just laughed off every move he made. Yet she knew more than we did.

    That was in 1983 so you see it hasn’t changed.

  2. Yup! I love when we get judged for putting a soft restraint on the patient yet they chemically restrain them as soon as they are triaged because they don’t listen to us that this person JUST MIGHT be ACTING like a douche bag!!!

    “Why didn’t you get a blood pressure on him?”

    Ummmm….we arrived onscene to find him naked in his front lawn eating his lighter and 17 cops on top of him and he had been tased THREE times and was still raging like a bull!!! He HAS a blood pressure and that right now is good enough for me.

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