The hubris of youth

I was at some talk, and at some point, it was said that there is no logical correlation between years of experience and confidence in skill. That roughly translated, in my head, to “cocky new people.”

To someone like me, it’s simply weird. Because the longer I work, sometimes, the less confident I feel, as I know more and more about what I don’t know.

2 thoughts on “The hubris of youth”

  1. My thinking is that the new people have not been doing this long enough alone to see what happens when things go bad.

  2. “Confidence in skill”, is not the same as skill. I work with a couple of new medics who are very confident, but not very skilled.

    On the up side, they do provide blog post fodder.

    On the down side, they require constant monitoring lest they screw up a patient.

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