This looks suspicious

Code 3 for the traffic accident.

As we approach, two vehicles with flashers are still moving slowly in the left lane of the freeway. By the time we reach them, they are stopped. The driver of the trailing vehicle gets out and says he’s fine. He says he “tapped” the other vehicle in heavy traffic. There is no visible damage to his vehicle. The driver of the lead vehicle is sitting in the driver seat, complaining of neck pain. There is absolutely no visible damage to his vehicle either.

We put on the dog and pony show and immobilize him to the longboard. After I suppress the urge to yell at him for being a friggin’ pussy and scamming insurance, that is. But then, before we pull him out, without being asked, he removes the vehicle key from his key ring and leaves it in the ignition. And he does not ask what’s going to happen to his vehicle.

Isn’t that suspicious or am I just being too sensitive?*

*For the readers who may not be familiar with this, in most cases, people involved in traffic incidents who are not staying at the scene have to be told to leave the key for the tow truck operators if their vehicles are inoperable. It is not something one naturally knows to do.

5 thoughts on “This looks suspicious”

  1. I’m gonna have to agree with you here. I’ve been to accidents where the driver didn’t even think to put the car in park, or shut off the ignition. Nevermind worrying about tow trucks and what have you.

  2. I smell a rat, as I was in this situation roughly two years ago.

    However, my Honda Prelude got REAL cozy with a concrete divider before I managed to get it to ther shoulder without killing anyone, including myself.

    The cops had to ask me for that key, I believe…

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