Bicyclists and criminals

What do bicyclists and criminals have in common?

They both are marginalized sections of society who demand recognition but do little to earn their places in normal society.*

Bicyclists are marginalized on the road and demand recognition from vehicles. But they rarely obey traffic laws. In general, they do whatever they want on the road and inconvenience everyone else. And they blame vehicles for everything that happens, even though quite often the bicyclists are at fault because they rarely obey traffic laws. That’s assuming they’re not running over pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Criminals are marginalized in normal society and demand recognition from regular people. But in general, they steal people’s cars, shoot other people and inconvenience everyone else. And they blame regular people for their plights – poverty, lack of opportunities, police brutality, etc. – even though most of the time the criminals are at fault because they’re stealing people’s cars and shooting other people. That’s assuming they’re not busy pointing guns at cops.

*Calm down – I’m just musing out loud. I ride bikes and I live and work near criminals. I’ve dodged plenty of bikes on the sidewalk and been victimized by criminals more than I’d like.

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