The press is not impressed

A much-circulated story out of Northern California was brought to my attention today. Basically, it was a about a police chief who, unhappy with inaccuracies in a story about to be published, sent his public information officer at 12:45am to the residence of the reporter in question in “an overzealous attempt to make sure that accurate information is put out.”

What’s outrageous to me is not what the chief did. Rather, it’s what he did not do, i.e. he somehow did not remember that it’s pretty much a given that the media gets nothing about emergency services and emergency responses right.

Furthermore, laypeople have zero understanding about emergency services anyway, like this woman at 2:56 in this video of a Brooklyn fire. As if they have the attention span to remember the article for more than a few minutes afterward. So really, what’s the harm in letting some local reporter write his silly little story for the gullible readers of yet another struggling newspaper?

I liken the media to the crazy regular we transport all the time. He fidgets and rambles non-stop on the gurney. I leave him be and do my own thing in the jumpseat, away from him.

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