Amputate for fun

Code 3 for diabetic problem.

“I have this sore on my foot.”

“Ooh… that looks big. And bad. How long have you had that?”

“Two months.”

“Is this the only reason you called?”



“What medications do you take?”

“I haven’t taken any in a year.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know.”


“I don’t want to lose my foot. I already lost some of the other one.”

“Well, you shouldn’t have missed your medications. That would have been a large part of you keeping your foot.”

“Honey, just tell them you’re not signing any papers to cut off your foot.”

“Umm… sure… if that was really how things work… Get on the gurney.”

One thought on “Amputate for fun”

  1. Whenever I think to myself, “Man, I should move to a different city because working EMS in XXX city is just stupid/crazy…” I read your blog. It’s all the same, no matter what or where.

    Thanks for writing this blog, I like commiserating via your stories.

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