Is this too passive-aggressive?

Code 3 for man down.

We arrive at the address. No one down. A woman in a car is waving at us.

“Did you call?”

“He’s walking up the street.”

“What’s he wearing?”

“A white shirt.”

“What’s wrong with him?”

“He’s intoxicated.”

“Did you talk to him?”

“No. But I know he’s intoxicated.”

Typical fucking cell phone warrior.

Anyway, the guy is walking away, in a fairly steady gait, with his drunk homeless buddy.

Still annoyed, I write my report.

This was a 50-year-old male who was found ambulatory on scene with a steady gait, in no apparent distress, with no complaint of pain/injury. Pt was cooperative and answered all questions appropriately, and he had a strong odor resembling ETOH on his breath. His friend admitted that pt has ingested large amounts of ETOH, and denied any fall/trauma.

RP had flagged crew down and stated that pt was “intoxicated” but she admitted to not making any contact with pt. She had no useful information to provide at all.

No other obvious abnormalities noted.

There! I got her back! Take that, nosy lady. Mind your own business. Say, shouldn’t you be driving? Why are you using your phone?

2 thoughts on “Is this too passive-aggressive?”

  1. Did I ever mention my idea for a $100.00 surcharge for cell phone calls to 9-1-1. Refundable if the call turns out to be legit. We’d make a fortune. Or someone would.

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