The paramedic intern* is not a rocket scientist

We’re on scene with an elderly male.

A paramedic intern shows up a few minutes later with his crew.

“Hey there. This gentleman is 91, and he’s complaining of dizziness/weakness since 6 o’clock. He’s got Alzheimer’s and is a little confused. He’s normotensive and a little bradycardic. 12-lead is OK. D-stick is OK. We’ve got the rest of the stuff written down.”

“Hi sir, I’ll be in the back of the ambulance with you.”

He assesses the gentleman. We tool around and gather the trash.

Moments later, I hear, “Sir, why do you have a band-aid on your finger?”

I start to chuckle inside. So do a couple of other people.

“Oh, I don’t know.”

“Did you cut yourself?”

I look at his preceptor. We roll our eyes.

“Who put that band-aid on your finger?”

“I’m not sure.”

This has gone on long enough.

“Hey, we did. We put the band-aid on.”

I was not expecting the next words out of the intern’s mouth.

“Oh, did he have a cut on his finger?”

“D-stick. I checked his blood sugar.”


*A different intern

4 thoughts on “The paramedic intern* is not a rocket scientist”

  1. I dread to think of what the medics I work with say about their new EMT student…I -know- I’m making stupid mistakes lol!

  2. Most of us have done stupid things as interns; many of those things result in nick-names being assigned. At least it sounds like he recognized how stupid it was when you pointed it out.

    1. it is also a bit of a problem when a band-aid on a finger can catch all of his attention on an elderly dizziness/weakness call.

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