Umm… don’t you think that’s been tried before?

Code 3 for heart problems.

It’s a rooming hose for psychiatric patients. The patient is sitting on the couch, saying that his “whole body hurts” and has been “since “2009.” He is impolite and rambling about everything, shooting off on new tangents off of old tangents.

Loudly expressing frustration in the hopes of getting out of an obviously unnecessary transport, one medic booms, “What do you want us to do for you? We’re not going to do anything, and the hospital’s not going to do anything either!”


When in the history of EMS has that move EVER worked?

As expected, the patient is soon sitting on the gurney.

3 thoughts on “Umm… don’t you think that’s been tried before?”

  1. Sometimes, even though you know it won’t work, a person just needs to say out loud what everyone is thinking. It’s just (barely) cathartic enough that you don’t smother the patient enroute to the ED.

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