You rang?

Code 2 for the sick person. At the payphone. It’s midnight.

A homeless-looking man is standing at the payphone. He is speaking with the dispatcher. He sees us walk up, thanks the dispatcher over the phone, and hangs up. He’s lit.

“God damn it, Henry*, what the fuck is wrong with you now?”

“My foot hurts.”

“How many times have we taken you this week? I had you Sunday, Monday, twice on Tuesday, Thursday…”

“I got hit by a car a few days ago. My foot hurts.”

“I know. I was fucking there! You didn’t even really get hit. I mean, your friend did, he got tagged hard, but you didn’t.”

Ten minutes later, all of us are still bullshitting on scene, in no hurry to head to the hospital.

Henry looks up. He looks around at all of us.

“Hey, who called you guys?”

I have to admit that, surprisingly, I haven’t really come across this question like this before. Apparently, neither has any of the 4 other guys on scene, because we all start laughing incredulously.

“YOU did, fucker!”

“Are you fucking serious?”

“You hung up the phone when we walked up. You even thanked dispatch!”

“I did?”

“Man, the hospital is not going to be happy to see you.”

*Not his real name

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