Some perspective on Edward Krawetz

I’m not defending Edward Krawetz, the Lincoln (RI) police officer convicted of kicking a handcuffed drunk, belligerent woman – who kicked him first – in the head.

The stuff that comes out of these assholes’ mouths – that is, if they’re not trying to kill you or assault you six ways to Sunday while they’re at it – I’m surprised that we don’t kick more of them in their heads. It may actually knock some sense into them.

Imagine just how much discipline and control we need just to keep our mouths shut. Every call. Every day. And while getting a cup of coffee.

It’s just a little much-needed perspective.

5 thoughts on “Some perspective on Edward Krawetz”

  1. I served as a police officer for 14 years, and from my point of view, there is NO justification whatsoever for a police officer to kick a handcuffed woman (or man, for that matter). I don’t care how disruptive, how obstreperous, how violent, there is NO excuse for that kind of behavior.

    Look at his size, compared to hers. There is at least one more officer on scene. Yeah, she kicked him… that does NOT give him the right to kick her in the head. If he really thinks that fell under the category of self-defense, he’s too weak and cowardly to be a cop in the first place. No, law enforcement is not an easy job. But one cannot and MUST NOT allow a badge and gun to go to one’s head.

    This is the kind of behavior that negates all the good the good cops and firefighters and EMS personnel do.

    Were there times when I wanted to smack some mope upside the head for some stupid-simple crap? Sure. But we were taught in the police academy — way back in 1979 — that we were supposed to be above that kind of crap. We were the protectors of society, not the aggressors. We were supposed to defend the powerless, not kick them. We were supposed to be bigger than that.

    We were supposed to be MATURE.

    1. All the more reason to remind the ignorant public what kinds of people we and especially cops deal with every day with extraordinary patience and discipline.

      1. It’s also time to remind ourselves what kind of people we’re supposed to be. This sort of behavior is one reason the Oath Keepers scare the hell out of me. We are not the chosen, we are not the ones to remold society in our image, we are the ones selected to protect and defend, NOT oppress and harass. Who gave US the right to decide what is or isn’t Constitutional? Depite what Rand Paul says, that IS the job of the Supreme Court. Who gave US the right to decide who “looks foreign” and “needs” to be stopped to check papers (“Payperz, pleeze, mein Herren”)?

    2. Kudos to you and to your opinion! I wish there were more officers out there on the police force like you. Unfortunately, these days it seems like officers aren’t even willing to get to know their community. Personally I can speak for myself and for my children when I tell you that I am afraid to call the police. I live in Washington DC and the police around my area would rather scrutinize you for calling the police than help. Even my own children prefer not to ask for the assistance of the police, because most officers don’t seem to want to protect and serve these days. Most officers these days seem to use and abuse their power.

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