Double standards

On one hand, every employee should be treated fairly and equally.

On the other hand, why shouldn’t good employees get more slack and bad employees get more shit? After all, they have all earned the extra slack and the extra shit.

3 thoughts on “Double standards”

  1. I recently had a coworker point out that I don’t ever catch hell from supervisors for little infractions, like not shaving. I think that my partner and I do get extra slack since we don’t bitch about calls right before shift end or crappy posting assignments. Whenever I hear a coworker bitching about our “nazi” supervisors, it’s always a medic who drives like an asshole, or is rude to nursing staff with no reason. So, maybe my company does reward better employees. By the way, the reason I don’t bitch about calls is because I can read your blog and realize that we all catch crappy calls.

  2. “Every employee wants to be treated fairly and equally.” OK – except that they are not the same – in fact, they are pretty much opposites.

    FAIR means “free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice: a fair decision; a fair judge.” Fair means “considering all the unique facts and circumstances.” An employee with a motor mouth and a history of conflict gets treated differently than a model employee for the same offense.

    EQUAL means “the same as.” Everybody gets the same, no matter what may be different about them or the circumstances.

    Which do you want? You can’t have both. Or, you can just say “I want to be treated fair and equal” and you will have a license to complain about whatever happens.

    Is that it?

    1. as far as i can tell, in the lingo of the bad employee, s/he wants EQUAL punishment for the SAME offense, otherwise it’s not FAIR.

      my point is that the same offense is never really the same when each employee’s history and reputation are taken into consideration.

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