Code 2 for toothache. At the university dorms. It’s 2am.


A polite young woman meets us in the hallway. She leads us to another polite young woman sitting on her bed, and she tells us that she has had a toothache for several days. This early morning, it’s giving her a headache. That made her anxious, and her heart started racing.

“There’s heart disease in my family, and I got really worried!”

“How old are you?”


“I’m sure your heart is fine. But you need a dentist for your toothache, not the ER. Have you tried Orajel?”

“It didn’t work. Do you have any Tylenol?”

“We don’t carry that, but you can get that at the student clinic. Well, at this hour, you can get that at any drug store or supermarket.”

“Really? They have Tylenol?”

“You’ve never seen those long aisles of meds at those places?”


“Why don’t you and your friend go over to Walgreens a few blocks over… it’s open all night. Can you take her?”

“I’ll take her.”

Even though it may be her first time away from home at college, that was still one sheltered young woman. At least she was polite. Probably because she was sheltered.

One thought on “Sheltered”

  1. Sure, it’s 2AM. But they were polite and easy to deal with, albeit a little bit sheltered. There are definitely worse jobs to be going to at that timeā€¦

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