The truth

A co-worker is on the phone with his young daughter; I think she’s 8.

“How is your day, Daddy?”

“Same routine. Just shooed some sleeping homeless guy off someone’s porch.”

“Uh, Daddy?”

“Yes, dear?”

“Isn’t that a police matter?”*

“Why, yes it is. Yes, it is.”

Attention EMS management/administrations/jurisdictions/whatever: An 8-year-old apparently understands EMS and probably can do your jobs better than you right now.

Wait ’til she hears about how you’ve fucked priority dispatch up** and how we use lights and sirens for no good reason.

*Her exact words
**NOT the fault of dispatchers as a whole

One thought on “The truth”

  1. The dispatchers don’t help. Many of them should belong to the Fiction Writers of America, or something.

    11 calls on my last shift, one transport. Three actual patient contacts.

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