Don’t be an ass

A woman has 2nd- and 3rd-degree burns on all her extremities sustained in a structure fire.

It’s assholes and elbows getting the burns dressed as she screams in pain. She is in only her undergarments, the charred outer clothing removed.

A local news cameraman arrives and, doing his job, points the camera in her direction.

“You don’t need to film this.”

“Too bad.”

A fire captain see this, unfurls a blanket and uses it as a screen for the semi-naked patient whose pain I cannot imagine. The cameraman decides to film something else instead.

The First Amendment guarantees the freedom of the press, but that does not mean you have to be an ass and forget about human decency. And yes, you have the right to be an ass, but you don’t have to exercise that right either.

3 thoughts on “Don’t be an ass”

  1. Kudos to the Capt.
    Mr. 1st A is lucky his very expensive camera didn’t cross an inch and a half stream of water.

  2. It’s been a while since I watched the news, but they wouldn’t show graphic footage of a burn victim anyway, would they? What’s the point of filming her?

  3. Liz: Yes, there are some stations that whould show that kind of footage. Unfortunately.

    We had a similar “journalist” in town many years ago. Between photographing stuff nobody needed to see (even us), he also refused to move out of the way for the volunteer FFs responding to calls. Turned out one call where he interfered was a fire at his house. A neighboring jounalist (without the quotes) managed to catch him crying like a little baby. Ole Rivera-wannabe didn’t want the footage shown cause it would spoil his tough-guy image. The station ran it daily for a week, “following up.”

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