I’m pretty sure that’s not important

I’m trying to print a report at the ED after yet another silly call. Unless it’s a real call, which is maybe 5% of the time, no one really reads these reports.

Error. It’s missing my partner’s electronic signature. Correct and print again.

It’s the only error in a report that has literally several hundred data fields. And the only thing he did was drive the ambulance. I’m sure his signature is really vital to this report.

We add his signature. Well, OK, I add his signature, but don’t tell anyone. Corrected. Print.

Error again. Same thing.

Fuck it, I’m going available. Do I look like some errand boy at the office? I’m here to run calls, not stand in front of the printer all day.

Not 10 minutes later, the phone rings.

“Hey, your report isn’t complete. Can you go back to the hospital to print?”

“You must be joking. Besides, I fixed it and printed a second time. Any error is not on my end anymore.”

“We get fined a lot of money for each incomplete report. I’ll put you out of service.”

Paperwork over availability. What a way to run a system. Good job, management.

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