Lost cause

After a long, drawn-out stand-by for the police while they – and more importantly, the police dog – searched for 2 teenage armed robbery suspects, we and the officer who escorted us to the ED trade thanks.

“Be safe. One bad guy at a time.”


“HEY! Whatchoo mean bad guy? You don’t know nuthin’ about me! I ain’t no bad guy!”

“So robbing people with a gun makes you a good guy?”

By the way, it was so satisfying to see the dog chew this dumbshit kid up, who was reduced to nothing but torn clothes and a blubbering little bitch. Even better, as he was led past the K-9 unit, limping, the dog went absolutely apeshit, and the kid jumped.

2 thoughts on “Lost cause”

  1. people’s views of themselves can be so different from what we see them as…

    stay safe out there and everywhere, please.

  2. Hope the officer took the K9 officer to the vet to be checked out, he may have suffered food poising after having chewed on that piece of rotted meat.

    Just kidding

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